Medium Voltage Digital Soft Starter 60-2200A, 1500-15000V

  OPAL MV soft start your industrial:

For Industrial Applications For Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas  
  • Pumps
  • Compressors and Chillers 
  • Fans, Blowers, Centrifuges
  • Conveyors, elevators, and Monorail systems
  • Tachometer-driven systems
  • Starting from weal power supply (diesel generators,long supply lines, etc.)
  •  LNG and LPG pumps
  • Water and ballast pumps
  • Refrigeration chillers and compressors
  • Hydraulic pumps and power packs
  • Thrusters and main propulsion motors
 With OPAL MV you're not just soft starting your rugged industrial applications anymore. You're OPAL MV 3rd-Generation medium-voltage soft starting for optimum reliability, complete with:
  • Advanced motor protection
  • Fiber optic firing
  • Direct power factor capacitor connection
  • Multiple pump control modes
  • 2 Start/Stop characteristics
  • Low-voltage test mode

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OPAL MV Technical Info For detailed technical information about OPAL MV contact us by: Email: answers@opalstarters Phone: 519-743-5491 Fax: 519-743-3610 Toll Free: 1-800-327-5723