Third Generation Soft Start

OPAL Pro MS6 is a third-generation microprocessor-based digital soft starter that gives you all the cost reduction, wear and tear reduction, installation and set-up time reduction, and flexibility of the SS6, plus offers enhanced performance. Consider OPAL Pro MS6's enhanced performance features:

  • Soft stop, up-to-speed contact, shorted SCR detection, line, load, and bypass lugs standard on all units
  • Slow speed forward and reverse jogging without need for additional SCRs
  • Multiple, optional communication protocols
  • Adjustable electronic overload
  • Reduced footprint
  • Digital display with real text feedback

OPAL Pro MS6...your enhanced performance choice.

NEW 5-Year WARRANTY on OPAL Pro and OPAL Starters: Effective Jan 2015, SAF Drives' standard warranty on Opal Pro MS6 and OPAL SS6 Starters to an industry-leading 5-Years.

OPAL Starters have built-in peace of mind!