Built-In Bypass

Imagine...a built-in HP-Rated Bypass Contactor that allows for across-the-line starting in emergency situations. OPAL Pro MS6B: Rated for emergency starts. Comes complete with all the cost reduction, wear and tear reduction, installation and set-up time reduction, flexibility, and enhanced performance of its MS6 cousin, and:

  • Is ideal for "true" No Downtime Critical applications because of its optional Soft Start/Off/Emergency Mode selector switch with external overload
  • Saves time and space for panel installations and drastically reduces cabinet size because of its small footprint and pre-wired design
  • Applies to retrofit or custom panel building applications
  • Is available in Chassis, NEMA 12, or NEMA 4/4X with or without your choice of door interlocked disconnect device

OPAL Pro MS6B...rated starts in emergency situations.