Reduced Voltage Starters

Which Soft Starter?

For over three decade, SAF has designed and manufactured a complete range of Reduced Voltage Starters, each line with enhancements that reflect the latest technology. All SAF Starters are produced with common standards for usability, ruggedness, and reliability, all qualities that have become synonymous with the SAF name.

SAF Family of Soft Starters

  • OPAL LT RV-AX - Light Duty Analog Soft Starter, rated at 8-85A, 200-600V, 3-phase
  • OPAL SS6 - Heavy Duty Analog Soft Starter, rated 15-1500A, universal voltage, 3-phase
  • OPAL PRO MS6 /MS6B - Heavy Duty Digital Starter, rated 30-1500A, universal voltage, 3-phase, Bypass option
  • OPAL OP-STOP DCI - DC Injection Brake Stand Alone Unit or with a Starter as an Option
  • OPAL MV - Medium Voltage Digital Soft Starter, 60-2200A, 1500-15000V, 3-phase